Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Its been 8 days since I woke up in the recovery room of the hospital feeling dazed, numb, and all around gross. Not to mention the pounding headache and giant mummy wrapped boot on my left foot. Since my surgery, I haven't left the house. For that matter, I've barely left the couch. The doctor advised me to keep the foot elevated at all times in order to recover swiftly and although that's extremely uncomfortable after a long period of time, the faster I recover is the faster I can be back on the football field.

The loss of movement and all activity (For my entire summer and football season junior year) has me feeling discouraged a lot. Luckily the last book I read in English class was the book "Night" by Eli Weisel. The book's description of such horrific events and atrocities forced onto the Jewish People has helped me become grateful for all the good things still in my life.  I'm not going to spoil anything from this terrific true story, but I will say that every single crime and horror put onto the Jews in that book makes my broken foot seem like a walk in the park. I mean, none of the Jews had a ps3 to play, a laptop to use, and a brand new ukulele to play to get them through their hard times.

The point is, through all the boredom and self-pity, the only true happiness I've found is through gratitude. When I think of all the ways God has blessed me, It puts me in a better mood then how I usually felt before the injury happened. Hope everyone has a great rest of their day and also lets me know what they think of my posts in the comment section!


  1. I recently read Night for lit class, the past year. It did really make me realize how lucky we are and how we have to appreciate everything we have. I don't necessarily have a strong opinion on your blog other than I have read everything so far and can't wait to see what's next.
    xo, Eternal Dreamer

    1. Hey thanks so much for the input I seriously appreciate it! and I agree the book makes for a humbling experience. I'll be sure to visit your site(: