Monday, June 20, 2016


Today as gift to help me pass the time (recovering from my foot injury) my mom went out and bought me a ukulele to practice on. I've played the uke many times in the past, but never actually owned one myself. So far, the only song I've  mastered completely is "You Are My Sunshine".

 If any of you guys have any suggestions for songs I should learn next, go ahead and leave a comment (possibly a link to a tutorial). Also let me know if anyone here plays an instrument and/or what they do with it. Hope everyone has a good day and God bless!


  1. Try learning some Stevie wonder ��

  2. How cool- it is my goal to learn at least a little ukulele this summer. I already play piano, but my sister has a ukulele she never plays so I thought it might be fun to try a new instrument. I've always wanted to be able to play the ukulele version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and also Riptide. Anyways, welcome to the blogosphere- I found you on TBC. Nice work so far!

    1. Hey that's super cool! I actually can do Over the rainbow (not perfectly). Thanks for the nice comment though, and I'll definitely hit up your site!